Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Magic School Bus

Recently in my Honors 10 History we class, we discussed Andrew Jackson's title of the "people's president" and whether or not it was deserved. My group studied the Bank War in Particular. The other two topics that we studied were the Spoils System and the Indian Re!oval. The Spoils System was a system the Jackson used to gain support and keep supporters in government offices. He promised people who would vote for him that he would give them a government job. The Indian Removal was when Jackson forced Native Indians to move west because he felt as though they did not get along with white landowners. Overall, we decided that Andrew Jackson was the people's president when it came to average Americans, but he was willing to do things that would have a negative impact on the rich and people of other nationalities.
My group's skit was based off of The Magic School Bus. The class traveled back in time to when Andrew Jackson vetoed the Bank's proposal. The class also saw Daniel Webster's reaction and the people's reactions to go the sides of the argument. Here is a link to the skit for anyone who is interested in reading it:   

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Rise of an Empire...

So Recently in my Honors History 20 class, we studied the rise of democracy in the U.S. during the early 1800s. We started by analyzing some primary source documents and defining democracy. Our final definition was: democracy is a system of government in which the whole population participates. Looking at the primary sources and defining democracy were both ways to help prepare us to answer the essential question: how democratic was the U.s. during the early 1800s? To answer the question and demonstrate what we learned, my group created a glogster( and digital poster):
This is just a portion of our Glogster poster, click the link above to see the rest!